What does the PTO Fund?

Did you know?

The PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) spends over $75 per student every year on the following:

· Field Trips for every grade

· High Tech High Touch science programs brought to each classroom

· Classroom supplies for every teacher

· School-wide assemblies, and special guests

· Community Night Events like the Back-to-school Picnic and Davenport’s Got Talent

· Math Matinees, Book Clubs and other academic activities

· Music enrichment, like providing new recorders to all 3rd grade students.

· “Learning to Look” art program for 2nd and 4th grades, including trips to the Yale Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

· Reading enrichment, including summer reading incentives and classroom magazines like “Weekly Reader”

· Davenport Community Garden, playgrounds and other facility enhancements

· Grade level leadership & team building experiences, including the Annual 5th Grade Trip to Sharpe Reservation.

· Staff Appreciation gifts and events

· Flag Day BBQ for all students

· End of year celebrations & 5th Grade graduation

· Enhancements to the school experience, including the book fair, school pictures and Gator Alley school store.

· … and much more.

Next time you receive information about a fundraiser from the PTO, remember that those funds raised enrich the lives of your child, and every student at Davenport. If you have a fundraising or enrichment idea that you would like to see implemented, please send an email to [email protected]

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